Our expertise

We have control over the entire process from the seeds used for our crops to the products served up on your table. For over 20 years we have been growing our own crops and preparing our vegetables whilst still in the fields, always taking the best possible care of our surroundings and the environment.

We also have a cutting-edge processing and distribution centre. Our agricultural and production capacity, together with our dedication to efficiency, sustainability and continual improvement, enable us to stay ahead in our field, making us one of the most modern fruit and vegetable companies in Europe.


The efficient use of resources and respect for the environment are top priorities. Our farms have rainwater collection systems, and using lower-volume hoses we consume 30% less water. Current projects involve reducing the use of pesticides and herbicides.

We are working to improve our irrigation systems and growing techniques and are developing more sustainable crops. We also have harvesting machinery for cleaning and packaging vegetables straight from the fields, thus contributing towards more efficient logistics.

We are also improving processes at our production centre. The plant is equipped with LED technology and, to reduce carbon emissions, we work with pooling systems using returnable packaging and reverse logistics.

As part of our commitment to sustainability we offer an organic product range and are introducing environmentally-friendly design in our packaging to reduce the use of plastic, using the lowest weights possible and biodegradable or compostable materials. Our cardboard packaging is FSC certified.

Our fields

We have 4,000 hectares of field crops and 225 hectares of greenhouse crops, distributed across 21 farms located in 6 provinces in the south-east of Spain and the Canary Islands (Valencia, Murcia, Almería, Albacete, Granada and Tenerife). Out in the field, we work with a strong social and environmental commitment, looking after and respecting natural resources.

We grow a wide range of vegetables and herbs, including different varieties of lettuce, courgettes, broccoli, radishes and sweetcorn. We also specialise in specific varieties for the fresh-cut produce industry, such as babyleaf varieties of red and green batavia lettuce, lollo rosso, rocket and spinach. On our farms in Tenerife we also grow lamb’s lettuce.

Our plant

Our plant, located in Dolores de Pacheco (Murcia) is equipped with the latest technology to guarantee maximum freshness, quality and efficiency in our production processes. The vegetables arriving straight from the fields are kept fresh by passing them through modern vacuum cooling systems.

Our agricultural and industrial capacity, as well as our technological versatility, enables us to manufacture up to 500 finished product references, adapted to different formats, packaging and weights and to the needs of different markets and channels. This capacity enables us to guarantee production and supply to our customers 365 days a year.

Our processing plant is certified for organic food processing. All of this makes Agromediterránea one of the most modern fruit and vegetable companies in Europe.


Since we started out, innovation has been one of our hallmarks. We frequently add new vegetable varieties to our range of crops, always seeking to offer innovative products that respond to consumer trends in the markets that we work with.

We invest over 1 million euros a year in R&D and collaborate with universities and scientists to create a network of knowledge and innovation that enables us to progress in our day-to-day activity and the agri-food sector.


As part of our agricultural activity, we own the Centre of Agricultural Innovation (CIAM), located in the Valencian town of Montserrat. This is our extensive agricultural R&D laboratory. With its cutting-edge facilities, the Agricultural Innovation Centre focuses on agricultural sustainability and on improving and developing new varieties, such as babyleaf products and microgreens.

Among the most innovative projects carried out in our centre, we can highlight a closed hydroponic system for growing leaf products vertically, enabling us to reuse 100% of the water used and without contaminating the ground. This is an R&D project financed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and for which we have been chosen as a partner that specialises in growing vegetables.

Food safety and quality        

In our processes we implement rigorous controls that guarantee maximum freshness, food safety and quality. All of our farms have the international Global G.A.P. certificate in good agricultural practices and the GRASP module – Global G.A.P. risk assessment on social practice.

Our processing plant is also equipped with the latest technology to guarantee maximum food safety, quality and we have obtained the most demanding certifications in this area, including IFS Food, BRC and QS. The plant is also certified for organic food processing.


We work together with our suppliers to guarantee the best raw materials and complete traceability of our products along the chain. This supplier model is included in our Quality Model, which establishes a rigorous standardisation and auditing system ensuring the safety and quality of the raw materials we work with.

All of our agricultural suppliers are certified with the international standard Global G.A.P. for good agricultural practices.