Always focusing on our customers, we offer global solutions, from a variety of product formats and packaging to specialised distribution and logistics services for the different markets and channels, guaranteeing maximum quality and freshness at all times.

Product development

We listen to our customers so that we can offer them a range of products that best meets their requirements, advising them on nutritional properties and consumer trends.

At our processing plant we prepare the vegetables that have come fresh from our fields and get them ready for delivery to our national and international customers. We produce more than 970 finished product references in different formats, packaging and weights. We also offer a wide range of organic produce.


We adapt to the most varied requirements in terms of packaging, presentation, labelling and outer packaging, always guaranteeing maximum product protection, quality and safety. This enables us to offer different formats from single packaging and boxes to different finishes such as film, trays or clamshell packaging.

At the same time, we are constantly striving to find more eco-friendly packaging options with programmes to reduce the use of plastic, minimise weight and use biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Packaging design

We work with specialised agencies in packaging and graphic design to provide solutions that adapt perfectly to the needs of our customers in terms of product presentation. Together with our packaging suppliers, we are constantly on the look out for new solutions and more eco-friendly materials.


Our extensive experience working side by side with the vegetable processing industry makes us the best possible partner for the supply of fresh-cut produce, such as babyleaf salad varieties, baby spinach or different types of lettuce such as curly endive, red leaf, oakleaf and romaine lettuce.

Intelligent warehouse

When they’re ready for delivery, our products are kept in conditions designed to maintain maximum freshness in our intelligent warehouses at our production centre, which covers an area of 50,000 m3 and is equipped with SAP technology – a fully automated operating system that manages the warehouse, barcodes and labels. Furthermore, our warehouses have a capacity for more than 4,000 pallets.


We innovate every day to improve our logistics and distribution system in terms of sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. We also offer specialised logistic solutions for agri-food preparation, picking, storage and distribution systems, with a multi-channel service via land, sea and air.

This enables us to ensure that our products are delivered efficiently and all year round to our customers throughout Spain and Europe, as fresh as possible and to top quality standards.