Benefits of reverse logistics for the environment

31 March 2021

Social and business commitment to the environment is one of the driving forces on which the 21st century is being built. As a matter of necessity, today´s society must take responsibility for reusing and reducing the waste we generate. At this point, reverse logistics takes on special relevance, not only because of the business and economic benefits that it brings, but also because of its environmental benefits.
For this reason, as sustainability is one of the main driving forces behind Agromediterránea, in this article we are going to talk about the benefits of reverse logistics for the environment.

What is reverse logistics?

If we understand traditional logistics as the flow of goods from the producer to the final destination consumer, reverse logistics seeks to facilitate the creation of selective collection channels for packaging, industrial, electronic or construction waste. In reality, it is a circular economy system that seeks to recover and extent the life of products as much as possible while reducing the amount of waste, ensuring a sustainable ecological recovery.
In order to achieve the maximum efficiency in the process, the following points, which are applicable to any sector, must be implemented:

Reduction of virgin inputs.
• Recycling.
• Material substitution.
• Waste management.

Benefits of reverse logistics

Reverse logictics has several benefits compared to traditional logistics.
Environment: the reuse of these materials can drastically reduce their environmental impact by creating new raw materials from waste.
Economic: it may involve a significant saving in business costs. For example, it reduces industrial packaging costs or the amount of products in inventory by reconditioning them. In short, a more efficient supply chain.
Supply chain: savings can be made by adjusting the stock required, resulting in a more efficient supply chain.

On balance, applying reverse logistics is not only beneficial for your company, but you will also be contributing to an improvement of the planet’s environment.