What is the production of living vegetables?

3 June 2021

What does the production of alive vegetalbes consist of?

This is a very common question in the world of agricultural innovation. In reality, it is very simple: the idea is to offer living lettuces, keeping the root, so that the product reaches the consumer fresher.

Trends in the consumption of fresh products

But not only is society changing its consumption model, it is also acquiring a sustainable awareness, minimising the carbon footprint, food waste and the growing interest in local product, demanding more and more packaging with a smaller amount of plastic, concerned about the impact this has on the environment. A concern that we at Agromediterránea share and have been working on with our packaging made from biocompostable materials*, the new revolution in product packaging.

What is achieved with this type of production?

The reduction of phytosanitary products together with the development of closed vertical crops with no impact on the soil allows us to reuse 100% of the water, an unavoidable commitment to take care of our planet at the same time we achieve healthy and wholesome products.

Innovation, quality and sustainability can go hand in hand within this larger social process that is the healthy revolution. A transformation of all the links in the food chain. And at Agromediterránea we want to bet on it.