The compostable packaging revolution

3 June 2021

From plastic to compostable packaging

Plastic is the most widely used material for food products and its daily use is widespread. In fact, when we think or talk about packaging, the most common thing we think of is plastic.

The reduction of plastic is one of the great challenges that the agri-food industry must face in the coming years, especially in the fresh product category, such as fruit and vegetables.

The challenge is therefore twofold, as we must use materials that meet the expectations of consumers and companies while at the same time seeking better solutions for our planet. It is necessary to draw a scenario based on the premises of reducing, rethinking, reusing and minimising plastic consumption.

And it is in this field where compostable packaging has a lot to say due to its multiple benefits and competitive advantages they bring us, which are the following:

Sustainability and environmental improvement

Compostable packaging does not leave any toxic waste and degrades at a faster rate than other types of materials, becoming compost once it manages to disintegrate with the environment. This good return to nature also reduces polluting emissions into the atmosphere.

Social and economic image

Concern for and care of the environment is one of the great challenges facing humanity, and companies’ commitment to this will have an impact on their corporate image. An improved reputation will bring new customers interested in partnering with you, which will increase profits by installing this type of packaging.


Compostable packaging offers many solutions and variants to have very attractive, different and unique visual designs. A perfect way to renew the image of your brand inside and out.

This is our commitment to advance in the sustainability of our products and the planet.